“Ballet- fitness is a superb way to get into shape, to develop and maintain flexibility and develop strength and muscle tone”

Body logix has teamed up with Alisa Brekhova (classical ballerina, contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer) and are running ballet-fitness for over 30s in our studio. 
The classes are a fusion of work at the barre and on the floor. The barre concentrates on basic ballet elements which elongate the muscles. Barre work also develops concentration and mental agility. Floor work is done, in part lying on the floor which supports the back. This combination of movement and stretch, underpinned by stability, is a good form of exercise for over 30s as it concentrates on the real problem areas of tummy, bottoms and thighs

For those who come to ballet late in life it is comforting to know that they do not need co-ordination skills of an acrobat or the fitness levels of an Olympic sprinter to attempt a plié at the barre.
Co-ordination, elegance and suppleness come with practise. Even the first class leads to a brilliant feeling of wellbeing because of the endorphins it produces in the brain
Our class sizes are restricted to a handful of students which means you are assured close and caring attention, so there is no need to think you will feel silly!
So…step outside your comfort zone and treat yourself to a new ballet fitness regime that is fun, uplifting and very effective. 




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Mobile: 07802 280 622
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