hypnoslimmer programme and hypno-gastric band therapy

Everyday more and more people are reaping the rewards of weight reduction hypnosis. Reducing weight with hypnosis is safe and extremely effective.

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to return to the shape and size that you should be in a safe and natural way by using various hypnotherapy methods including virtual gastric band hypnosis and weight loss hypnosis.

 Put an end to...

  • Food cravings

  • Boredom eating

  • Comfort eating

  • Calorie counting

  • Obsessions around food

  • Fad diets

....once and for all!

We believe that diets and the effects they have are only usually temporary and as soon as the diet is stopped old eating habits and beliefs return again and the body goes back to what it was doing before the diet, often leading to being bigger and heavier than before the diet actually started; these diets actually programme the mind to think about food all the time.

We believe this approach to dieting is all wrong. We were born with the ability to recognise when we are physically hungry and also when we are full. Over the years and for various reasons we learn to ignore and override these signals and this is what causes excess weight gain.

Our revolutionary and unique hypnotic weight control system will re-programme the subconscious mind to recover its natural latent ability to control the body’s shape and size without having to think about food and plan meals all the time.

The Hypnoslimmer programme is a 5 session approach. Each therapy session re-programmes the subconscious mind, dealing with different aspects of over eating and offering the solutions to overcome these unwanted habits, creating long lasting change on a very deep level.

One of the 5 sessions involves the fitting of a hypnotic gastric band which has been found to be a valuable tool to control portion sizes and the amount of food consumed. This can then be adjusted at a later date to create further reduction to portion sizes if necessary.






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