This treatment is aimed at dieters who feel stuck with body fat that they just can’t shift, no matter how hard they try. The programme focusses on the internal congestion within our bodies caused by the foods we eat and environment in which we live. Year after year this accumulation forces our bodily systems to become more sluggish and inefficient, making weight loss a more unachievable goal the older we become. 

The programme, which doesn’t involve exercise, consists of three sessions a week over a four week period on a specifically programmed machine which moves through various phases breaking down fat cells, stimulating the muscles to tone up and draining the excess fluids via the lymphatic system. A series of 32 pads are attached at points throughout the body and wave vibrations are then delivered via the pads. The treatment is not painful; it is very relaxing and de-stressing.

Additionally you will follow a 28 day food plan which is based on healthy nutritious food and doesn’t involve faddy shakes or additional dieting products. The plan has daily menus so it alleviates the need to calorie count or point score and takes away any worry about what to eat!

Once we have detoxified the system the body can once again absorb the nutrients from food allowing the body fat and weight to drop off and the body to heal itself. As this happens, your body, your hair and your energy levels will improve dramatically. Unlike other diet and slimming programmes that may leave you feeling haggard, moody and exhausted this regenerates and energises you!
Twelve one hour sessions over four weeks are recommended to get maximum results.