The basic Heal Your Life philosophy is:

What we think about ourselves becomes true for us.

Every thought we think is creating our future.

Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings.

The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.

Loving yourself is the foundation for positive change.

We can forgive ourselves and those who have harmed us to release the past.

Part of the challenge is that we give our power away by blaming the past, other people and difficult events for our frustration. When we learn to step outside the world of blame we can then choose to create peace, harmony and balance in our minds and that's what we will then find in our lives.

If you are looking for a life-changing workshop, the 2 day Love Yourself, Heal Your Life one is for you! Discover the negative beliefs you've been holding about yourself and different areas of life, such as success, health, prosperity, relationships; and how to change them so you can really create the life you want and deserve.

The 2 day LOVE YOURSELF, HEAL YOUR LIFE workshops:
The 2 day workshop developed by Louise Hay is a powerful program that has participants raving about the life changes it has helped them make. The workshop includes sections on the mind-body connection, inner child work, mirror work, releasing old emotions, forgiveness and creating positive affirmations for a new life.

Note from Helen!
Being quiet and rather introvert joining in a workshop seemed incredibly daunting, but not signing up to the program that really resonated with me felt like I was holding myself apart from moving my life forward to live the happy, wholesome, balanced life that I had craved. The Louise Hay books I had read sometimes irritated me as I felt I could not reach the place she described, the place of self- love, and to be honest I didn't even know what that really meant. So I decided the only way for me to gain forward momentum in "fixing" my life was to attend a workshop. 

Oh boy! 2 days transformed things for me. I learned what the philosophies truly meant, I learned about my own wonky programming and was given the wherewithal to make some enormous shifts from my past thinking and patterns to ones that empowered me and helped me regain my true self. 

The workshop leaders establish a safe, confidential and loving space in which to make this journey with like- minded souls, who are all fundamentally the same. So if your hesitation is fear I would urge you to face your fear and join a workshop. The rest will follow because facing your fear is taking you one step closer to breaking those old patterns! Remember the right group are brought together and you will learn from each other with love and respect. 

Love and blessings on your healing journey!

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